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  • Dancing is life

    Come and experience the beautiful Angolan dance and music style Kizomba with us. The meaning of the word ‘Kizomba’ in the Angolan dialect Kimbundu, says it all: PARTY! Vamos Kizombada!

    Kizomba is all about sharing good vibes, connection, musicality, and sensuality in couple dance. Physically and also emotionally connected, this dance has the look and feel of the gracious Tango dance from Argentine. The music is influenced by African and Caribbean music genres. Beautiful rhythms, emotional voices, the breathing of the songs – it takes over your whole body. The rich tunes spark your creativity and musicality taking you each time on a unique musical journey.

    At Our Kizomba Connection, you will learn the full scope of the Kizomba styles under the Kizomba umbrella, like semba (the mother of kizomba), kizomba, tarraxinha, but also the European styles Urban Kiz, Tarraxa, and Kizomba Fusion. We offer kizomba classes in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Almere, and Utrecht!

    We train beginners on core connection, leading and following basics enabling them to create their first dance with confidence.

    We enrich more experienced dancers’ level by expanding their creativity and musicality and sharpening their essential dance techniques.

    We educate our dancers on dance ethics creating a safe and fun environment to express one’s passion and feelings through dance.

    We smile, shine and share our energy adding our part to making this world a better and happier place!

    Come and experience Our Kizomba Connection!

what others say about us

  • "Amazing teachers and classes. They put loads of effort into creating interesting seasons to keep their students motivated and growing. They love sharing their passion and we can all feel it. I'm glad I got to join them for these many seasons already, and all the ones to come!"

    - Jen

  • "Kevin and Marleen are two dedicated and talented teachers! Their drive to pass on the true essence of the Kizomba spirit is astonishing. They focus on techniques and skills to improvise, not only to learn a choreo. A well-deserved recommendation!"

    - Bruno

  • "Kevin and Marleen are excellent Kizomba teachers. They pay not only close attention to dance technique, but also focus on connection, musicality, and flow. Their courses are well designed, with each new class providing new challenges. When it comes to musicality, these challenges can be mind-boggling... "

    - Maarten

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